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For 18 years Tim Goodenough has worked with elite athletes, top executives, dynamic entrepreneurs and their teams.  He has taken that experience and expertise and applied that to the world of Energy Coaching to unlock startling results.

Hi, my name is Tim Goodenough and I have been Coaching, Training, Facilitating individuals and teams for 18 plus years. During that time I have written two books, co-authored 2 other books, created 3 online training courses and created models, techniques and processes to accelerate personal growth and healing and to enhance high performance.

I believe in reading, learning and experimenting beyond my existing training.  I choose not to be held back by the current paradigm of whatever I am learning and being taught and as such I have a wide experience in many complimentary fields, schools, approaches and techniques including NLP, The Healing Codes, EFT, Faster EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Trilogy to name a few.

In the last 18 months I have added Emotion Codes, Body Codes, Energy Codes, Easy Entity Release and more to my knowledge and skills base and have been able to develop, test and refine ‘Bulk Clearing’ Programs for myself and now for you, my fellow Energy Coaching Practioners. Whilst I have completed some related trainings it is important to note that I am not Emotion Code, or Body Code certified.

How Bulk Energy Clearing works: Pay for Results Instead of Sessions

Most Energy Coaching work is about using session time to work through Blocks, Imbalances, Heartwalls and Entities. Its hard to predict how much time, and how expensive the results you are looking for will cost. With Bulk Energy Clearing we solve that by you paying me for the Result. I will clear the Blocks, Imbalances , Heartwalls and Entities for you and you pay me for the Results – or you get your money back*

Before you purchase anything, please use your Muscle Testing to:

1.  Test your Current Score for whatever program you are considering (Each Program has a Testing Question) and then
2.  Test ‘Out of 10’ is it in my highest and best interest to purchase this program?

If your answers for questions 1) and 2) nudge you to take action then add the relevant program(s) to the cart (check the bottom of the screen for the cart) and I will receive a notification once the purchase has been made.

Within the next 24-36 hours I will start to clear/shift your numbers for you so that they stabilize at 100. I will then notify you via email that the work has done and you can muscle test your side to confirm the shift.  Its important to note that this work won’t shift your numbers permanently (life happens) however a lot of heavy lifting will be done which should make maintaining these numbers a lot easier for you.

*If after 14 days after purchase I have been unable to stabilize your Light Score/Skills numbers at 100 for at least 2 days in a row, I will refund you your payment for the relevant program(s) that was unsuccessful.


Tim’s Detox, Personal Light Score and Home/Property Light Score Programs are a MUST! I whole heartedly believe that his programs should precede all energy healing modalities. They were life changing for me and my family!

I was relentlessly clearing from myself and my family daily and saw no end in site. I was over processed and burnt out. In one day my life completely changed due to Tim and his amazing programs. He provided me with detox skills and got my light score and the light scores of my husband, 3 children, dog and our home all to 100. 10 days later and our light scores have all remained at 100 every day and we had no processing symptoms. Prior to Tim’s program, I could get us to 100; however, by the next day we would dip back down and I would have to peel off the next layer.  The overall energy of my family has changed. We are more peaceful, communication has improved and the children are getting along so much better.

In addition to the remarkable changes detailed above, my own bulk clearing skills have drastically improved. What would have taken me months to clear a year ago, I clear now in an hour. I can focus on any issue I want to heal without the interferences of processing symptoms and the energies that were keeping my light score down.

I will be forever grateful to Tim and his amazing programs.

Christina M.

Having been exposed to life threatening trauma and been in an abusive marriage for over 20 years, my cortisol levels were really high, and I experienced fight or flight adrenalin rush on a daily basis in situations which didn’t require it. I had a session with Tim where he focused on aligning and clearing my Assemblage Point and it has all completely disappeared. I actually know what it feels like to be “normal” now. Very grateful for this and would recommend it to anyone struggling with anxiety and stress caused by past traumas.


Assemblage Point Alignment and Resilience- Assemblage100

$200 per person

The Assemblage Point is the epicentre of our our human electromagnetic field or aura. It is the point at which our energy vortex emerges and where life force energy is able to enter our electromagnetic body.

Image from WhaleMedical.com


When we experience significant emotional experiences, such as stress, anxiety, violence, intimidation, fear, loss, trauma, etc, our Assemblage Point tends to move away from its optimal positioning. This can have significant mental, emotional and physical repercussions. Based on Jon Whale’s, excellent research, he has found WHERE the Assemblage Point moves to, predisposes you to various conditions, problems and ill health. (See Picture below)

To compound matters these events that move the Assemblage Point don’t just happen in our lifetime, they can also happen in utero and can be inherited, generational and ancestral. When we experience a similar or related event today, our Assemblage Point may jump again to a place that predisposes us to ill health, even if the creation of the original trigger was many hundreds or thousands of years ago.

You can use this Grid to Muscle Test ‘Where is my Assemblage Point currently?’ The Blue area is optimal for men, and the pink optimal for women. *Click on picture for full size version*

This Protocol will not only return your Assemblage Point to its optimum positioning, but it will also clear and heal all the events you have personally experienced so far (at all ages, including in utero) or have inherited, are generational or ancestral, so that you remove all those triggers once and for all. You will effectively have a Assemblage Point clean slate to optimize your mental health, physical health and emotional health going forward.

You can use the table below to test the current impact of the health of your Assemblage Point.  Testing Question, ‘What is the biggest consequence or impact on me of the current overall health of my Assemblage Point?”
(There is likely to be more than one)

Then do a follow up question, “Out of 0 to 10 – How severe is the impact of this on me?”

Column A Column B
1 Vitality Energy
2 Energy Clearing Energy Coaching
3 Immune System Health Stress
4 PTSD Chronic Fatigue
5 Muscle Testing Accuracy Fatigue
6 Mental Health Weight
7 Focus / Concentration Short Temper
8 Chronic Condition Sleep
9 Abundance Manifesting

Recommend purchasing Detox Skills 100 in combination with this program.

Testing Question: ‘Overall- Out of 100, how aligned is my Assemblage Point with its optimal positioning?’ You will get to 100

Testing Question: 

‘What is the total amount of triggers, events, ideas, traumas and judgements across all time, that will make my Assemblage Point jump?’ – You will get to 0.



Detox Skills: DETOX100

$60 per person

One of the big bottlenecks when progressing in Energy Coaching and Energy Clearing is how skilled your body is at handling the toxicity of releasing Trapped Emotions and other forms of Trapped Energy. If this skill is low, headaches, migraines, ‘feeling flat’ will often slow down or stop progress as the body can’t safely handle the level of release that you are currently doing. By improving these skills, you will be able to safely release significantly more Trapped Emotions in a day and in a session. This skill is recommended as a base purchase before you buy any other body programs to support the toxicity of the bulk release.

Testing Question: Out of 100 what is my Body’s detoxification skills right now?

Happy Inner Child: Happy100

$200 per person

Your Inner child is a part of your psyche that remains full of creativity, innocence, awe, and wonder. Your inner child is the child that lives within you. When your inner child is happy and healthy, and we are fully connected with that part of ourselves, we tend to have access to more of the best of childlike emotions and abilities. We tend to be more: Excited and excitable, more inspired and inspiring and generally more creative, invigorated and more full of life.

However, if we are living with a wounded or unhappy inner child that has suffered through past traumas (even traumas in the womb or at birth), we will be disconnected from many of those same positive emotions and abilities. When our inner child is unhappy and wounded, we tend to feel more disconnected from life, feel lethargic, feel bored, feel empty and unhappy.  More about the Wounded Inner Child here

This protocol will heal your inner child so that you can reclaim all the positive aspects that your inner child provides you with.

Recommend purchasing Detox Skills 100 in combination with this program.


Testing Question:

Out of /100 How Happy is my ‘Inner Child’? right now?  (You will get to 100)

Personal Light Score: PLS100

$175 per person

We know from Kate Delhomme’s brilliant Easy Entity Release work that one of the first priorities we need to have as an EER practioner is getting our personal Light Score to 100. This will support you not just in your general life, but in working more effectively with others and being generally more shielded against more dark energy. This can be time consuming and exhausting work, and for me it can feel like a ‘forever’ process. This programme will bulk clear the Dark Entities and Dark Entity Consciousness that is currently stopping your Light Score from getting to your current maximum Light Score for today, which is normally 100.

Your Light Score won’t stay at 100 as life happens and over time your mind will reveal more elements for you to work on, however a huge amount of heavy lifting will be done on your behalf, and now it is over to you.

Recommend purchasing Detox Skills 100 in combination with this program.

Testing Question: Out of 100 what is my Overall Light Score right now?


Home Light Score: HLS100

$125 per Property

Its often the case that were we live or where we (or our family) sleep can be a home to Dark Entities or Dark Entity Consciousness. If we don’t clear our homes and properties and there are portals, vortexes, blackholes and more then we could be undoing the positive impact of the other clearing work we do. This programme will bulk clear the Dark Entities and Dark Entity Consciousness that is currently stopping your home and property Light Score from being 100.  Please supply the street address of your home to assist in this process.

Testing Question: Out of 100 what is the Overall Light Score of my home or property?

Vanishing Twin: VTWIN100

$200 per person

Vanishing Twin Syndrome is also know as Parasitic Twins, Absorbed Siblings and Embryonic Ghosts.

This syndrome can occur when for a single moment in time there is more than one embryo in a mother’s womb that does not survive to delivery. In nature it is common for pregnancies to start with more than one embryo and by the time of delivery, there is only one embryo to deliver. This happens in humans too, sometimes it is seen in scans and check-ups, however more often than not the embryo is absorbed before any check-ups record its existence. The lost soul of that embryo (or embryos) is then fused or entangled with the child that is born and can cause multiple psychological and health challenges such as rejection, abandonment, feeling like somethings missing, over or under eating and persistent challenges with personal boundaries to name a few. This process clears all the layers of entanglement and energetic interferences from the one or more non-surviving souls. You can read more on this here:

Recommend purchasing Detox Skills 100 in combination with this program.

Testing Question: “Out of 100 how much overall am I influenced and affected by Vanishing Twins Syndrome?”

Enhanced Bioenergetic Shield: BIO100

Once off $250 

We know from Bradly Nelson’s pioneering work that using ‘Shield UP!’ can protect us energetically, however the shield is not strong enough to protect us from Dark Entity or Dark Entity Consciousness.  Putting a ‘Bioenergetic Shield Up!’ can give us some level of Dark Entity Protection, but oftentimes not enough.  This Enhanced Bioenergetic Shield has more layers of protection and shielding and can also be used on properties or houses.  I will boost your Enhanced Bioenergetic Shield to 100 for you and give you the commands so that you can manage your shield for yourself, your family and your house going forward.

Testing Question: 
Out of 100 how much does my current shield protect me in comparison to the Enhanced Bioenergetic Shield?


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