Covid-19: Release your fear

What if there was one simple thing you can do to quickly remove your fear that is linked to the Coronavirus /Covid-19 Pandemic?

 This course is the Minimum Effective Dose.  What is the minimum you need to learn (about 30 mins of content) to get the maximum dose? (In this case the MED is the most simple yet powerful technique I have developed in 18 years.) 
Once you have learnt the technique you can apply it in 2-3 minutes.


Coronavirus: release your fear and anxiety Online Course


You are probably paying too high a price for poor decisions, poor mood and general stress levels during this pandemic. Take action now to get back to your best!


You will learn how to quickly and easily release your Trapped Emotions which will shift your thinking, mood and mindset.

This will also help you to:

* Improve your decision making, so that you don’t make decisions based on and limited by fear.


* Deal with Working From Home (WFH) better


* Manage your stress and mood better


* You will have powerful tools to use as the stress, challenge and difficulties we face increase.


* We are living in exponential times, our tools we use to level up, need to have that kind of impact and power too.


This programme includes some of the most powerful and advanced techniques that I have ever taught for dealing with trapped emotions and emotions in general.

Life changing indeed. I always had the belief that in order to work through things you need to disect it in detail and figure out the why. This only makes you dwell further on the block – giving it more power. The Flushing technique in Tim’s Covid-19: Release your fear course allows you to work through issues and flush them out of your system really quickly. I was able to let big things go and move on with my life. I am now focusing my energy on positive aspects in my life. It has impacted positively on my overall energy as well as focus and discipline towards my PhD studies. This mind shift also lept over into more positive choices in personal relationships.

- Elizabeth D

Definitely one of the most powerful courses I have completed, it helped bring great balance to my current situation. My wife and 2 year old daughter are stuck in South Africa whilst I am still in the UK.
The flushing helped my thinking and removed the negative thoughts and I can’t thank Tim enough.
I suggest this To anyone going through hardship at the moment. Thank you Tim 🙏🏻

- Leo F

If, for whatever reason, you are not happy with what you have bought, I am offering a 30 day money back guarantee.

Praise for Tim’s Game Changer Protocol Online course

I worked through Tim’s self-esteem Game Changer Protocol during a critical phase of my life. The process led to me pulling apart and removing some long-held limiting beliefs I had around my own self-worth, that was effecting all areas of my life.

There were many AHA moments throughout my journey that has now allowed me to show up very different ways, especially in difficult conversations, that I may have avoided in the past, due to fear of what people may think of me. I learnt to separate who I am from what I do, and that was a game changer for me.

I learnt to be my own coach and I now have the tools that allow me to take my foot off my internal brake.  Instead I now seek out the moments that I would have previously avoided.  I have stopped playing small.  I now choose to play big and grow.

I can ensure you that Tim will go above and beyond on anything he delivers, and his Game Changer program will give you the tools to help you show up at your best when it matters most.

- Damian N.

I found the tools Tim helped me build and use through his Game Changer Protocol training incredibly valuable in my life and work. I have spent most of my life subconsciously avoiding opportunities or challenging myself out of fear.

The scanning process really helped me realise the limitations I had placed on myself, and where they came from. It was a really practical way for me to discover, acknowledge and work on the source of my fears, and change my approach to life and work. I found it really effective.

Game Changer Protocol has played a large role in giving me the courage to start my own business, and also means I have a tool to use on a continual basis, to unlock the reasons for my choices and fears as I face new struggles. It has definitely been a life-changing experience for me. 

- Yvonne V.

I have spent most of my life thinking that it was normal to have negative thoughts about myself and that the toxic relationships and situations that I found myself in were ”what I deserved”.

I was fortunate enough to meet Tim whilst he was working with a sports team that I coached and at the time I was going through a divorce. Tim encouraged me to apply and implement the Game Changer Protocol programme. After a few days of scanning, I slowly began to realise that I could change what I felt and what I thought about myself.

It became clear that until I was “ok” with myself, I would continue finding myself in toxic relationships and situations.

A few years down the line I found the confidence and self-belief to accept a job in Dubai, I have recently married an amazing women with whom I have an incredibly open and honest relationship with and I am continually working on myself using the Scanning technique to get a better and better life for myself and my wife. 

- Craig W.

I worked with Tim and his Game Changer Protocol tools over a time of my life in which I was required to level up or face some nasty consequences.

I walked an incredible journey that resulted in me finding a way to be kind to myself and still getting results compared to the more aggressive self-deprecating and often cruel inner voice that I had developed since childhood.

 Although on the surface and to external perception I had achieved some success in my career and relationships, I had a deep rooted insecurity and lack of self-value that has been and is being replaced with a sense of being okay with myself, and being present in the now with who I am and what I am right now, and that I am okay.

Yes, I still work hard on daily improvements in many aspects of my life, but it is now more of a journey than a destination. I have had the benefit of one on one time with Tim, and find that his book and his courses encapture who he is and how he helped me and highly recommend taking the time to work through Tim’s programme and teaching as it will add value to the quality of your life and the results that you look to achieve.

- Richard S.

Tim’s Game Changer Protocol really helped me to zoom in on the values I needed to work on. By following the scanning process I was able to identify gaps and blockers and actively target them.

Working with Tim in one on one coaching sessions was extremely valuable. I have moved from corporate consulting to sustainable entrepreneurship and feel that the scanning process has enabled me unblock the values I needed to address to achieve this.

- Gavin E.

I’ve used Tim’s GCP training in a variety of areas in my life. The most significant shift that took place for me was in the area of family and relationships. The beliefs there had knock on effect in the rest of my life. 

I did not grow up in an ideal family situation or with healthy relationship role models. My unhealthy beliefs and self-esteem related to relationships and commitment were holding me back from fully committing to my partner. Tim’s course helped me target my false beliefs and fears about things like; my ability to be a committed loving partner, insecurities, past resentment, anger, lack of freedom or failure. 

This has been a profound period of growth for me in an area of life that deeply affects my happiness and fulfillment. I think Tim’s course will allow you to conquer a lot of the baggage, unhealthy beliefs and negative behaviours that have been preventing you from finding and embracing a loving relationship, fostering a loving supportive family environment and eliminating personal beliefs that have been sabotaging your professional life as well. 

- Christof A

More background about this course:  

Coronavirus: release your fear and anxiety Online Course

1 year access paid via Paypal

If you want to learn how to quickly and accurately release your fear and other Trapped Emotions than this is the course for you.

By releasing these Trapped Emotions you will:

* Boost your Immune System

* Raise the level of your thinking.

* Access more of your systemic and heroic thinking.

Its time for you to manage your emotions, rather than have your emotions manage you.

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