The more we learn about the Corona/ Covid-19 virus the more it becomes clear how much we need to raise the level of our thinking (and of course our immune systems) to deal with all the different elements of this life-changing pandemic.

Unfortunately fear dulls our intelligence, leads to scarcity thinking and harms our immune system.

In this course you will learn how to quickly and effectively deal (probably quicker than you have experienced with any other modality) with your fears and other trapped emotions so that you can get back to your best thinking and critically, boost your immune systems to not just survive this pandemic, but to create value, think differently and help each other in ways we can’t even dream of right now.

I work in elite sport where my whole job is to create a rapid and sustainable change, often within days. After 18 years of this work I know what works and doesn’t, and I have not just access to the best high performance thinking out there, I am a partner in creating it.

This course is the Minimum Effective Dose.  What is the minimum you need to learn (about 30 mins of content) to get the maximum dose (the best simple yet powerful technique I have developed in 18 years)?