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Bulk Energy Clearing

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Tim Goodenough


Your Purchase has been successful.

You will be receiving a Paypal Confirmation email as well as an email from me confirming your purchase.

I will be in contact within the next 24/36 hours with feedback on progress so far (via the email address you used for PayPal/Payment).

Please feel free to Muscle Test on your side as things progress.

How Bulk Energy Clearing works:

Use Muscle Testing to:

1.  Test your Current Score for whatever program you are considering (Each Program has a Testing Question) and then
2.  Test ‘Out of 10’ is it in my highest and best interest to purchase this program?

If you are satisfied with your answers to 1) and 2) then add the program(s) to the cart (check the bottom of the screen for the cart) and I will receive a notification once the purchase has been made.

Within the next 24-36 hours I will clear/shift your numbers for you so that they stabilize at 100. I will then notify you via email that the work has done and you can muscle test your side to confirm the shift.  Its important to note that this work won’t shift your numbers permanently (life happens) however a lot of heavy lifting will be done which should make maintaining these numbers a lot easier for you.

If after 10 days after purchase I have been unable to stabilize your Light Score/Skills numbers at 100 for at least 2 days in a row, I will refund you your payment for the relevant program(s) that was unsuccessful.


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